Location Urban Incubator, Beograd, Serbia
CH | Coline Jeanneret, Vanessa Cojocaru, Claire Boulet, Marie & Thom Balmer, Damien Brissat, Alex Bauer, Théophile Glauser and Sébastien Doutaz
SRB | Milica Pantelic, Hristina Papadopoulos, Olga Jorgacevic, Marko Gole, Nikola Korac, Marko Gamser, Nemanja Obradovic, Milos Opacic, Željko Lončar, Jovana Bogdanović, Veljko Zajc, Monika Lang and Filip Martinović

The exhibition OTHER SIDE gather grafic designers, photographers and illustrators from Switzerland and Serbia that will create together searching inspiration in Savamala quartier. The bridge as a symbol of victory of humankind versus nature and his imposed barriers is expressing the eternal human straiving toward communication and conection. By walking over a bridge, one gets connected with the other side. Savamala is a place, where different cultures are meeting each other, therefore is it presenting a sort of cultural bridge that is providing the experience of seeing the other side.

Reflecting and analyzing this phenomen will be the central theme of the project. The results have been presented at the Gallery KM8 from the 14th to 16th november 2015.