Photographic work and writing. Pictures and texts meet and seek each other, sometimes in a documentary form, sometimes using suggestive parables. The role of the various mediums are not compartmentalized in one or other of the given forms. Interrogations on the urban structure and its representations. Games of mirrors between formal findings and poetic essays, it’s a question of creating bridges between the collective imagination of the people and their social realities.

Rather than the Balkans, it’s Belgrade. This city, which he met twice, a first time a few weeks after the end of the NATO bombings in 1999 and a second time in 2017. Two meetings, a curiosity and a nascent love. From its historical past to destructive reconstructions, the chaotic energy of the East, the melancholy of forgotten grandeur, the pride of the rivers, and the story to be rewritten incessantly, the walls of the white city are hypnotizing. It’s about this state of permanent grace, about that sadness of violin and about this dawn falling on its pavements, its concretes, as sunlight vapor. It’s about water that shines its docks, about those who live, pass or survive, about those who buy in oil the soon cosmopolitan Sava, about these worlds which cross between the night and the day that Alexandre Girod want to speak, write and render image.

After 3 months in the white city, the swiss photographer will present you his work  through exhibition and book designed by NORT. A book that can begins from the first page as well as the last. This duality then meets at its center, at the crossroads of the stories told by the authors. A unique dramaturgy, narrated by image and text according to a strong editorial concept which exploits an iconography with bold and carefully chosen lines of force.

Size 225×315
Print 150
Font Neograd Serif by NORT
Printing & Biding Alta Nova, Zemun, Serbija
Graphic design NORT