Exhibition is an undeniable asset in artistic sharing. Framework but also context is always favorable to creation. Whether for the presentation of the results of a workshop or to discover new works, the exhibition is an ideal bridge between public and artists. See more here.


Cabinet SR:CH is committed to producing editorial objects. Since the first workshop in 2012, a book has been produced on each occasion. Publication is an interesting symbol to safeguard the cultural and artistic heritage. It also allows a targeted and unique dissemination, focusing on an affective dimension of the object rather than computer data subject to forgetting. See more here.


The workshop organized by Cabinet SR:CH, are usually built in 3 steps. First, we begin with several days of workshop, involving students, professionals or artists. At the end of the workshop, an ephemeral exhibition allows the public to discover the creations. A book is also released during the artistic meeting, enabling a wider dissemination. See more here.